Gamification to engage employees

Insert Coin
2 min readDec 13, 2021


Low engagement risk damaging the business

Disengaged employees lead to lower quality, poorer knowledge sharing and increased burnout. Moreover, now that remote working has increased radically, it has become more difficult than ever to “keep your finger on the pulse” of the workplace and deal with the problem. According to Peakon’s survey, 59% of employees today are disengaged and therefor do not work to fulfil their own and the company’s goals.

Research shows that gamification is a very good tool for increasing motivation and encouraging positive behaviour. With clear goals, progress and rewards, gamification helps to increase engagement and motivates your employees to perform routinely and with quality.

Benefits of a digital gamified experience

Wide reacheveryone in the company can easily participate.

Low cost — digital rewards and motivators are much cheaper than physical ones.

Long-lasting effects — employees’ achievements and rewards are always available and therefore they are constantly reminded of them.

Instant feedback — Credit is given when it is due by giving rewards immediately after a good performance.

In summary, gamification is a method that can be used to improve and develop ways of engaging employees. We hope this has inspired you to motivate and engage your employees and make your workplace a better place — through gamification.

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