Gamification is evolving: Here’s how to keep up

Greatness comes from humble beginnings

Experimentation and exploration

Reaching maturity

The next step: Gamification 3.0

  • The end of consulting projects and start of scalable solutions
  • Adam Palmquist, PhDc at University of Gothenburg and Chief Science Officer at Insert Coin.
  • Why we need better and more scalable solutions to truly make gamification easier and more economically viable for companies both big and small.
  • Gamification as a chance for sustainability in companies
  • By Jeanine Krath, PhDc at Institute of Management and ZIFET of the University of Koblenz-Landau
  • “…sustainable employee behaviour through games and gamification is gaining momentum. Inspired by other game-based apps for behaviour change, such as fitness or nutrition apps, a current research project at the University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany, is investigating the design and effects of a gamified smartphone app for sustainability in the workplace.”
  • The future of XR and gamification in Industry 5.0
  • By Fabrizio Palmas, XR researcher, author, and CTO, Creative & Technical Director at straightlabs GmbH & Co.
  • “Considering society as the collective contribution of human beings, it is clear that it is our responsibility to find a way to realize its potential by educating and empowering people with lifelong learning… Our latest research has explored two up-and-coming gamification and game-related trends: extended Reality (xR) Training and Adverlearning.”



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Insert Coin

Insert Coin AB is a Scandinavian company offering Gamification as a service (GaaS) and knowledge sharing in collaboration with scientific research projects.